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Don’t Forget About Your Scent

smellHere at Web-Op we have many conversations about improving landing pages for different campaigns we are managing. There is nothing we love more than seeing conversion rates increase. We often discuss the design, call to action, and message of the page. We review the page to ensure the message has clarity, rewrite the copy to focus on benefits rather than features, and add security registrations to make visitors feel nice and safe. Often, however, the real culprit for low conversion rates is lack of scent.

The ad a visitor clicks on needs to smell like the landing page you direct them to. Lack of scent can create confused visitors – and confused visitors rarely do what we want them to do.

So what makes good scent?

  1. Ad copy needs to match the landing page copy. Try to have the main heading of the page as close to the main heading of the ad as possible. The rest of the copy of the landing page should focus on a single purpose: the message of the ad copy.
  2. Ad design needs to match the design of the page.

If your ad copy and design match up you are maintaining scent.

Now, I know what you are thinking. “I have a lot of different ads in my campaign.” You have a couple of options here. You can create a new page for each ad or you can create one page that shows different messages for each ad by loading content dynamically using a PHP query string.

Here is a little piece of code Ryan Underdown has used recently to capture the right headline.

This will work with a url like www.website.com/?headline=This+Is+A+Headline


$headline = $_GET[“headline”];

$headline = str_replace(‘+’, ‘ ‘, $headline);


So if you are trying to increase conversion rate make sure you maintain scent.