Facebook Audience Engagement: Web-Op Vs. Industry Standard

In the world of social media, Facebook has earned its place on the top of the proverbial mountain.  With 1.23 billion active users, Facebook presents a unique opportunity for businesses to reach new audiences, strengthen their brand and recruit new buyers.  In fact, a presence on Facebook and other social media platforms has been a necessity rather than an opportunity for many companies.

However, being active on social media isn’t enough; every business needs the right strategy.  They must target the right users, and constantly “touch” their audience with new, unique content and designs.  Not just to get the word out about their product or services, but to maintain positive consumer sentiment towards their brand.

The most critical stat that you, as a business, care about most of all is ROI.  In the end, every business needs to make money.  Though, there are other layers that can influence ROI, and even make or break a brand.  Among these many layers is your audience engagement.  Audience engagement reveals many things to a business that are emphatically useful:

  • What does my audience like or dislike about my brand?
  • How interested is my audience in my products or services?
  • Does my audience care about what my brand thinks or says?
  • Does my audience trust my brand?
  • How do people feel about my brand?
  • Are people talking about my products or services?

All of the aforementioned questions are answered and implemented into successful social media campaigns.  But first, as previously stated, you need the content, the designs and the strategy.  Web-Op has grown into an industry leader, and has greatly out performed other social media management tools and organizations.  The following graphic is representative of Web-Op’s dominance in audience engagement on Facebook.


This graphic (above) compares a diverse selection of  Web-Op’s clients (RNE², TBCS³ & SWY⁴) and the Industry Standard¹ in Engagement by Reach for the month of November, 2014 on Facebook.  Engagement by Reach refers to how many users are interacting with a Facebook page’s content by the amount of followers being reached.  Here’s how to find that number:

Total Number of Post Likes, Comments, Shares & Clicks X 100
Total Reach

This statistic is highly indicative of the content’s quality.  As you can see from the graphic, Web-Op’s performance is much higher than the standard, indicating that Web-Op’s content, designs and strategy are a leader of the industry.

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1.  Industry Standard represents SalesForce's 2014 Benchmark Report statistics.  *Disclaimer* Web-Op is not sponsored, affiliated or endorsed by SalesForce. 

2.  Recovery Next Exit is a non-profit addiction recovery community that gathers leads for clinics.

3.  The Big Clock Store is an online retailer of clocks.

4.  Still With You is an online memorial statue retailer.