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PassportXpress in the Final 20 of The Utah Entrepreneur Challenge (UEC)

The Utah Entrepreneur Challenge (UEC) is a statewide, student business-plan competition. Teams from universities across the state of Utah compete for the best business plan and a chance to win more than $100,000 in cash and in-kind prizes. Web-Op would like to congratulate everyone involved in passportXpress for their hard work, getting the project to this point. Let’s continue on and win the whole thing! To learn more about passportXprress please click here.

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Shaun Strickland

If Web-Op takes your project and you are assigned Shaun to be your project manager, you just hit the jack-pot. Shaun has been with us for years, he’s experienced, organized, he cares and he’s very smart.  Shaun is a tremendous leader and he always volunteers for the most challenging projects. We all love 

  and appreciate your dedication Shaun. I hope we are together for a hundred more years. 

Base CRM

Here at Web-Op we help a lot of startups with the need to effective manage and close leads. To do this it is necessary to use some type of customer relationship management system (CRM).

There are a lot of CRMs out there. One that we have become fond of lately is Base CRM .

Just this morning I helped Lisa Kau, founder of, set up her own account. We are getting ready to launch her new product and Base CRM will help her manage her leads and move people through the sale’s funnel.

To learn more about Base CRM visit

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Student Passport

Web-Op has made a partnership with Santigo Gillardo to form a company that is presently being called Student Passport. It also includes an initial partnership with Utah Valley College and its entrepreneurial program. We will be working with colleges to turn their plastic student identification cards into a mobile app. Yes, there will soon be an app for that. We will keep everyone updated on this project. 

Congratulations Santiago, Utah Valley College and all of the staff that have made this a reality for him. 

A special thanks to Kurt Brown for staying on this and prodding, convincing and begging us to do this deal. You saw in the end what we didn’t. Kurt is the Web-Op representative in Utah and we are lucky to have him. He’s the big one in the middle.  

 Thank You so much. 


This product adresses a problem experienced in nearly 40% of women over the age of 40. We have partnered with the nutritional powerhouse manufacturer Sibu to produce and brand this exciting new product. Product will be ready for order within a few weeks.  



Dimitri, Adam, David and Web-Op are about to start a revolution, a revolution involving every renter in the world.  It will happen between Web-Op in Arizona and the huge real estate market in New York City. David will be going there next week and the organization will be formed, a plan developed and the force will be released. Let the revolution begin.  


Jen Shirkani

Founder and CEO of The Penumbra Group, a nationally recognized expert on emotional intelligence (EQ) she provides keynote speeches, executive coaching and management consulting. She is the author of Ego vs EQ, a book that teaches leaders how to beat the eight ego traps with emotional intelligence.

We have been working for Jen for a few years now providing online marketing and branding services. Check out her beautiful site and amazing talents at  her website

Jen has become a special client and part of the Web-Op team. Especially it’s CEO and President David.

Look for her new site to come out soon at