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Web-Op and Charitable Gaming CEO David Bailey was able to give the first donation check to the Mt View High School head Coach Mike Theal. To play some great games for a great cause go to and play for  Mt View Baseball. Thanks to all the people who played so generously for the Toros. 

Femininity A Case Study

Project Manager: Tyson Bailey

Product: Natural Vaginal Dryness Remedy

Total online sales minus Amazon

Online sales week one: $487

Online sales week ten $3,896

Average order

Average order week one $51.89
Average order week 10 $65.07

Returning customer

Percentage of return purchases 31%


With this type online oportunity it’s all about the return purchase. This product is returning close to 30%.  A success is usually return 20% plus. This is directly related to finding the right customer and having a product that works. 


Riley Farnsworth

Riley has been doing such a great job as a project manager here at Web-Op.  I met Riley when he was a little boy and he came to me to learn how to hit a baseball.  He become a pretty good ball player. He later served an LDS mission to Florida and then graduated from BYU. 

He is currently the lead PM in the MAXIM licensing deal. We are all getting excited for its kickoff. He’s doing a great job. 

If you ever get Riley to manage your project you better hold on because this guy will take you on the ride of your life. Keep an eye on some of his current projects on our site 

Mynt Smiles

Mynt Smiles is off to a great start. Our new Myntsmile samples have arrived! Visit us at for complimentary packets on our new formula! The first and only clinically proven toothpaste cream for porcelain veneers, crowns, bonding with Anti-Cavity Protection! #Myntsmile NOW thats something to SMILE About!

“Creme de la Creme, ONLY the BEST for your COSMETIC DENTISTRY!”

Thanks to Lisa and the Mynt Smiles team. 

Stefan Johansson

Formula One racer for Ferrari came to visit us at Web-Op. When a guy like this tells you that he loves your car it means something. We are hoping for a deal w him to help manage his online brand.   We sure had a great time visiting with him. What a great guy and what a wealth of experience and knowledge. 

Happy Birthday Nicole

We are a Monarchy here at Web-Op and our Queen is Nicole.  We appreciate what she does for our company so much, we need her leadership and bravery every day. We are a large group of men lead by a few very special women, Nicole is the GM here at Web-Op and it pretty much means she’s responsible for everything in one way or another. Happy Birthday Nicole and our apologies for everything we will probably put you through even today.  



Tyson is one of our most valuable priject managers but he’s super special to me because he’s my oldest son.  Being the bosses son isn’t always easy and Tyson handles it amazingly well. He takes on some of the most difficult projects and never get any breaks from his old man. He is a huge Web-Op asset.  One of the easiest people to get along with in the world. I am proud of the man you have become Tyson. Keep up the great work.