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Social Media In China

In China, there are several social networks very similar to the ones found here. The most popular are:

Facebook-like Social Networks:

  • (Registered Users: 170 Million – Active Users: 95 Million)
  • (Registered Users: 95 Million – Active Users: 40 Million)
  • (Tencent) (Registered Users: 131 Million – Active Users: 80 Million)
  • (Tencent) (Registered Users: 481 Million – Active Users: 190 Million)

Twitter-like Micro Blogging Platforms:

  • –Sina (Registered Users: 200 Million)
  • –Tencent (Registered Users: 110 Million) started off targeting college students, but they are currently transitioning to cover all age groups. Still, the majority of users are young people. Renren is very similar to Facebook and they continue to copy most successful features from Facebook. The site now boasts more than 300 applications. is another social network trying to play catch up with Kaixin001 builds high quality applications, but the quantity is limited (~25 applications total). The SEO has a technical background, so they want to do something special, rather than copy others’ work. The site mainly appeals to white-collar workers. and are owned by Tencent, a large player in China. Tencent also developed QQ – a messaging platform similar to MSN or AIM. QQ is a powerhouse- boasting 647,000,000 users in China. Tencent has leveraged this user base to grow both and is a social network that works with the QQ platform. Since many Chinese use QQ when they are in middle school or elementary school, Qzone has the youngest user group. is Tencent’s attempt to create a network for adults, separate from their core QQ userbase.

Sina has grown from 100 Million as of January 2011, to over over 200 Million now (11/9). Sina Weibo is conceptually similar to Twitter, but provides more features like upload video, images to share with other people. They also have certified features for all members- much like twitter’s verified users. Sina Weibo has many celebrities members using their real names much the same way twitter uses celebrities to grow their userbase. came after Sina and are trying to play catch up with it. Again, Tencent’s 647 Million registered users makes it easy for them to crowd out smaller websites.