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Link Building and its Importance

As important as all part of a website are, link can be one of the major players in determining your website rank. After all, you’ll never rank without links. Google was originally built on an algorithm that weighted the amount of anchor text links in a site to determine its relevance in search results. Essentially, Google treats these links as votes, where more votes means higher rank. However, you can’t just spam your website with a variety of links which lead your visitors to something unrelated. Google has installed many mechanisms to ensure the quality of these links. These make sure that the links are relevant, segmented correctly, and from different IP addresses. Link building is important, and it’s just another piece of the puzzle in effective SEO.


Leveraging Existing Data

We are always taking on new and exciting project here at Web-Op. One of the first things the SEO team usually looks for with a new client is whether or not they have existing data we can leverage for search engine traffic. A recent client of ours specializes in selling items that are custom made for specific car makes and models. This client had already done a lot of the work creating make pages. We saw that there was also a huge opportunity for more search engine traffic if we could generate model pages with the data they had gathered over the last few years. Over the next week our programmers worked to generate over 1,000 new pages. As a result, daily visits more than doubled.

This all happened during the first two months of optimization with Web-Op.

Google Analytics Traffic Maps For Your Dashboard

Google Analytics Traffic Map

Ever wanted to show your visitors or staff where your traffic is coming from, without dragging them through Google Analytics? We’ve developed a simple package which processes your Analytics visit data and displays it as an easy-to-read map. There’s no coding required– just edit one file to add details of your Analytics profile, and away you go. It installs as a simple image you can embed in your blog, on a prominent page, or in a back-office dashboard.

Configuration Options

$password="PASSWORD HERE";
$profile="12345678"; // See - 
$usaonly=1; //Set to filter out non-US information.
$hsize=640; //Horizontal Size
$vsize=480; // Vertical Size
$days=14; // Days to show results from
$maxtoshow = 40; //Show so many dots.

/* thats it */

It should run on any typically configured PHP hosting environment

See it in action at Auto Glass Guru

Get the zip download at our site. A Github repository is now available

Horizon Trust

Had a great lunch today at the Las Vegas country club with business partner and friend Greg Herlean. We discussed the kick off next week of our new site Horizon Trust. We are also partnering on the new business and website called Business Plan Bluprint. Thanks to both Greg and Chris for showing me such a great time today.