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Internet Marketing News 2/10

I sift through the day’s internet marketing news so you don’t have to

Writing better headlines:

Facebook Marketing:

Facebook fraud? Its a problem, it has been ever since the launch of fb ads


  • First Time UX – a collection of first time users’ experience on a site, app, with a product etc. I’d wager first timer UX is more closely correlated to overall success than overall UX.

Internet Marketing News 2/5

I sift through the days internet marketing news so you don’t have to.

  • The Complete Guide to Building Your Blog Audience – this is from Neil Patel who I used to be friends with on Digg. He’s pretty sharp. I am considering using this as a guide to build my readership here. Nothing ground breaking but provides a good starting point to get off the ground. Check out chapter 10. It’s what I’m doing here to some degree – just repurposing other people’s content.
  • Google Targeting Rich Snippet Spam – Schema markup has been decreasingly visible in SERPs in my experience anyway.
  • Making The Most of Custom Audiences on Facebook – I don’t know about you – but I much prefer the interface and feature set of Adwords. That being said, custom audiences ARE a killer feature – and I see more advertising dollars going to facebook until adwords copies their lead. A couple of tips worth checking out in the linked blog post. I would add – if you’re sending out a newsletter with an offer – you might as well be targeting the same audience via facebook. There’s great value in repetition and its a good way to get started with custom audiences.
  • The 3 Types of Search Queries Everyone that works in an agency has probably had to explain to clients why bidding on the keywords they suggest won’t work. I could have written this article 30 times by now but hadn’t thought of it. Now I’ll just point people here.

Internet Marketing News 2/4

I read all the day’s internet marketing news and post the best here – so you don’t have to waste your time sifting through garbage.

Today’s Interesting Internet Marketing News

I read a ton of internet marketing news and post the best here – so you don’t have to waste your time reading crap. Enjoy.

Got a Big Idea?

Our marketing department receives inquiries every day from clients who have the next big idea.  Our clients believe in their vision and are ready to take the leap toward creating an actionable marketing plan. We LOVE thinking big, and feel that most ideas can be successful when they are strategically marketed.

During the beginning stages of formulating a marketing plan, Web-Op suggests a few guidelines to ensure your marketing plan is a success.

  • Do Your Research – We start off every potential project by performing a keyword search to identify Google search volume.  Big Search = Big Potential.  Spending time researching your keywords can expose opportunities with high volume search and low competition.

  • Be Flexible –  Most big ideas have merit, but may need to be refined.   Our successful clients are those who are open to viewing their ideas through a new set of marketing eyes.  If you already have a  current website, it may need a fresh coat of paint to help customers identify the product or service simply and easily.

  • Collaboration is Key  -  “It Takes A Village” to formulate a marketing plan.  Input from experts in Design, Development, Advertising, PR and Client expertise is essential.  Make sure you are surrounded by smart people that will bring their unique point of view to the common goal.

Understanding the importance of these guidelines at the beginning stages of your online marketing plan can jump start your campaign towards a successful future.