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Subscribe to Newsletter Via Facebook

It’s actually fairly easy to make your newsletter signup form run through facebook. This snippet (basically lifted verbatim from fb docs) shows you how to solicit full name and email address. Facebook then checks to see if the user is logged in and if so automatically backfills in the data for the form. If the user isn’t logged in to facebook the default text inputs are shown.

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On submit you can tell facebook where to send the resulting data. In this class we are pointing things at

You can view it in action here

The Other Address Book Takeover Scandal.

Like many small firms, we use Basecamp for our project management duties. One of its miraculous features is a system which allows you to reply to an email to post a new message; it does this through a galaxy of email addresses which can be used to identify which topic thread you wanted to handle.

So recently, we’ve began to get posts to projects that were closed off several months ago. Linkedin friend requests, and now advertisements for some sort of incentive debit card. I suppose those are really germane to the operation of a website.
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