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E-wallets: not suitable for mainstream e-commerce

Over the years, we’ve had a lot of people come into Web-Op with a vision revolving around an “e-Wallet” service. If you can convince users to load funds into their wallet service, they can spend them at participating merchants without involving Visa or Mastercard. Usually it runs on top of bank transfers, but sometimes the wallets are funded from in-person transfers or credit-card payments with fees backed in.

Sometimes e-wallets are presented as a MLM opportunity– getting people to sign in as new merchants on a wallet platform or by offering referral links for members. Most frequently it’s a blatant “it’s cheaper than using your existing credit card gateway.” Framkly, at this point, I’m ready to reject them at first glance. On your typical e-commerce site, they’re a losing proposition. Continue reading

New Website For Source 4 Industries!

Web-Op is proud to launch a brand new website for Source 4 Industries! Visit their new site at

Source 4 Industries’ new website design features a clean, responsive layout with many unique tools that improve the usability and functionality of the website frontend and backend management software. One of these unique tools was the one of a kind custom shipping module. ┬áThis module will meet the needs of regular, and less than regular, truckload shipping options, all while accounting for warehouses all over the United States. This started as a logistical nightmare, however; Web-Op was able to create a solution which configures shipping details with precision and accuracy. This was ultimately the most critical factor to guarantee the best pricing for Source 4 customers.

For a quality product at a great price, visit Source 4 industries today!


Designing Cross-Sells Right

Web-Op has always been interested in maximizing cross-sell opportunities. On our new King Supplements project, it’s become an obsession. And why not? With a cross-sell, you’re dealing with customers who are already ‘pre-sold’, saving you the initial cost of acquiring another lead. It also offers excellent research potential, as you can pair products to see which perform well, even on products which might not be viable for direct pay-per-click marketing.
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