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Seat Covers Design Progress

Below you can view the progress of¬†’s¬†design. We are excited to finish development and start sending traffic to the new look. We are optimistic about seeing a significant increase in conversion rates.

Original Home Page


Original Product Page


New Home Page


New Product Page


2013 Design Trends to Watch For

I enjoy seeing the new trends in web design that come and go. I compiled a list of the most common trends I have seen, read about or designed. Check them out:


Responsive design (this means whether you look at a site on a 24-inch monitor or your iphone, the website will automatically adjust nicely to your size device.

Simplicity. You can notice this in the new Iphone IOS 7. All the design has gone from a 3-d feel to a very flat, clean and simple design.

Typography. You will notice huge type and fun ways of displaying type on sites.

Full size Images. Many websites are using photographs more and more in their sites, especially as backgrounds.

Fixed Headers. This means as you scroll, the header stays at the top.

Mobile Design. A very simplistic version of the main site, where you can easily navigate with your fingers.

Retina Display. Thanks to newer Apple monitors, phones and tablets their retna display can now fit twice as many pixels as the regular LCD screen. Which means higher, more beautiful resolution designs.


Where Good Ideas Come From

In today’s tech world, we need to be able to come up with the best and brightest ideas to get ahead of others. This video is a great way to learn how to come up with good ideas:

Longform Design

Lately, the design department has been rolling out lots of “longform” landing pages.

Longforms have been around for along time, you have probably seen some online, they are known for really bad design, with tons of content and generally look like a scam. They are basically one-page websites. Which is why they get so long, for example you have to put “about us”, “contact us”, “Reviews”, and “Buy Now” sub-pages all together on one page.

However, here in web-op we took longforms to a new level. We focus on making them beautifully designed. Adding more imagery to make the design more engaging, understandable and fun to read. We add lots of helpful content, not just about our products, but useful facts people need to know. We use infographics and comparison charts. We want viewers to enjoy scrolling through the long design. And ofcourse, if they make a purchase, that’s good too!

Here is one example from Gray Hair Away: