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New York City


Jason Sager is a New York City business man that we are working on doing business with. He is a seasoned pro within the New York business community. Still in the planning stages but keep your eye on what we are working on. I’m sure it’ll be as big as the city we met in.

Clean Burning Waste

While in New York I was able to meet with a good friend of mine, Rafael. Rafael and I are continuing discussion about getting his source of clean burning waste for off grid energy into China. As usual it was a delight to sit and talk with such an experienced business man. And in this amazing setting overlooking Time Square made meeting with Rafael even more memorable.


Jonathan Schenker

This is Jonathan Schenker. He is a very well connected gentleman in the New York area. Jonathan has worked promoting lots of different types of business in New York City. He has worked with leaders like Mayor Bloomberg and all forms of city officials. When you start doing business in New York it’s like another country. Having connections like Jonathan is vital.


Web-Op Announces the Release of Vitamin D3 Cream on

Web-Op announces the launch of a new product, Vitamin D3 Cream, featured on King Supplements’ website. is a product of 15 years of experience working with supplement companies.  During this time period, Web-Op has discovered countless premium supplement products, so they decided to create the site to share all these products they’ve encountered.  Now, King Supplements has become a large retailer of premium supplements, and is constantly sought out to feature new products.

The CEO and founder of King Supplements, David Bailey, was asked about King Supplement’s product review process.  He commented, “I have worked in the supplement industry for over 15 years and have traveled across the world marketing, selling, and developing some of the most successful products in the supplement industry over the last two decades. It is through these experiences, I learned quickly the value of a quality product and a quality guarantee.”  He continued to say, “At King Supplements we only carry the best, highest quality products in existence. I personally inspect every product that appears on our site and if it doesn’t meet my quality standards, it will not be featured, period. When we say that a product is “King Approved”, we sincerely mean that it is of the highest possible quality.”

Vitamin D3 Cream is a vitamin cream that is a part of King Supplements line of energy and endurance products as well as their line for whole body health.  The product’s delivery system is by pump method, and according to what’s listed on the bottle; a pump is equivalent to 10,000 international units (IU’s).  Some ingredients that the product shows includes:  Aloe Vera Gel, Vitamin E Acetate, Natural Vitamin D, Chamomile, Shea Butter, and Grape Seed Extract.

To learn more about the company’s supplement website King Supplements, please visit

Web-Op Enters Partnership With Dental Deal

Recently Web-Op has entered into one of its newest partnerships with Dental Deal. Web-Op is providing a full Incubation project for Dental Deal, and so far, the project is nearing full completion, and just rounding the 90 day mark. Besides implementing a website with full design, development, and SEO services, Web-Op has also implemented a call center for Dental Deal, which has been successful in closing hundreds of patient appointments for Dental Deal.

Dental Deal provides services to help patients find and schedule appointments with local dentists in their area. This is also very beneficial for local dentists, as it sends patients, and thus business, their way. An effective website has been implemented for them by Web-Op, as well as a call center that has been proven to be successful in closing leads and scheduling hundreds of appointments. This has been shown to be a successful partnership with Dental Deal, and yet another successful project implemented through Web-Op’s Incubation Program.

Web-Op CEO Signs Deal with Hong-Kong Based BPO Firm Lifewood International for 2,000 Web Sites

Web-Op’s CEO, David Bailey recently returned from a week long trip to China, where he traveled to meet with new partners and sign a Memorandum of Understanding with Hong Kong based BPO firm Lifewood international. Web-Op will prepare a network of approximately 2,000 retail websites to allow their contractors and clients to effectively market their products to an American audience. David was impressed with the hospitality and thrilled to be working with Lifewood International on this project.

Chinese blog:和香港外包公司-活树国际签署2000网站的合作协议