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Lise Amy Neck and Chest Cream

Lise is from Calgary Canada. We had the wonderful opportunity of meeting her in our office yesterday. We will be partnering w her on her product What a beautiful woman and amazing entrepreneur. We look forward to a bright and successful future.


New York City


Jason Sager is a New York City business man that we are working on doing business with. He is a seasoned pro within the New York business community. Still in the planning stages but keep your eye on what we are working on. I’m sure it’ll be as big as the city we met in.

Clean Burning Waste

While in New York I was able to meet with a good friend of mine, Rafael. Rafael and I are continuing discussion about getting his source of clean burning waste for off grid energy into China. As usual it was a delight to sit and talk with such an experienced business man. And in this amazing setting overlooking Time Square made meeting with Rafael even more memorable.


Jonathan Schenker

This is Jonathan Schenker. He is a very well connected gentleman in the New York area. Jonathan has worked promoting lots of different types of business in New York City. He has worked with leaders like Mayor Bloomberg and all forms of city officials. When you start doing business in New York it’s like another country. Having connections like Jonathan is vital.


Glenn Russell

Glenn Russell is Los Angeles based and has been behind some very successful businesses including We are proud to have Glenn be apart of the Web-Op team. We look forward to working alongside Glenn for years to come.