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Adwords Tricks With Amazon?

Gaming Adwords With Amazon?

cebria   Google Search

So why is this guy advertising to a strange (not the canonical product page in this case) Amazon page? Could he be getting around trademark restrictions by using an domain? When you file a trademark issue with adwords they tie the trademark authorizations back to the client id – so this seems unlikely. They have a recently granted trademark – so maybe Google just hasn’t caught this one yet.

Perhaps he/she’s is gaming the reviews of the domain to appear as for his product? Could be. Either way his url doesn’t seem to have an affiliate ID – so there’s probably not much Amazon is going to do about this – as PPC’ing is definitely against the terms of service for amazon affiliates.

Do you have a better idea? Leave it in the comments.

Internet Marketing News 2/10

I sift through the day’s internet marketing news so you don’t have to

Writing better headlines:

Facebook Marketing:

Facebook fraud? Its a problem, it has been ever since the launch of fb ads


  • First Time UX – a collection of first time users’ experience on a site, app, with a product etc. I’d wager first timer UX is more closely correlated to overall success than overall UX.

Internet Marketing News 2/5

I sift through the days internet marketing news so you don’t have to.

  • The Complete Guide to Building Your Blog Audience – this is from Neil Patel who I used to be friends with on Digg. He’s pretty sharp. I am considering using this as a guide to build my readership here. Nothing ground breaking but provides a good starting point to get off the ground. Check out chapter 10. It’s what I’m doing here to some degree – just repurposing other people’s content.
  • Google Targeting Rich Snippet Spam – Schema markup has been decreasingly visible in SERPs in my experience anyway.
  • Making The Most of Custom Audiences on Facebook – I don’t know about you – but I much prefer the interface and feature set of Adwords. That being said, custom audiences ARE a killer feature – and I see more advertising dollars going to facebook until adwords copies their lead. A couple of tips worth checking out in the linked blog post. I would add – if you’re sending out a newsletter with an offer – you might as well be targeting the same audience via facebook. There’s great value in repetition and its a good way to get started with custom audiences.
  • The 3 Types of Search Queries Everyone that works in an agency has probably had to explain to clients why bidding on the keywords they suggest won’t work. I could have written this article 30 times by now but hadn’t thought of it. Now I’ll just point people here.

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Today’s Interesting Internet Marketing News

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