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Web-Op, Inc. Signs Licensing Agreement with Maxim, Inc.

Web-Op, Inc. is now a licensee of the Maxim brand after signing a licensing agreement with Maxim, Inc.  Web-Op will be developing a line of high quality health supplements to be branded by the men’s lifestyle magazine, Maxim.  First to market will be a vegan protein supplement, but more supplements are scheduled to be developed and released in the near future.

Web-Op is primarily a web development and internet marketing firm, located in Mesa, Arizona, and have acquired substantial experience developing supplement products in the last decade.  Web-Op has transformed hundreds of national and international companies’ online presence and performance by improving their internet marketing, web traffic, web design, PR and brand development. In regards to marketing performance, Web-Op ads reached over a billion impressions in the month of August alone, which delivered nearly 700 million unique visits across their clients’ online assets.

Web-Op’s CEO, David Bailey, stated this about the deal with Maxim:  “Brand development is a priority in our supplement marketing campaigns, however; we’re fortunate to work with such an established brand like Maxim.  The quality of their brand, combined with the development of quality products by Web-Op, creates a lucrative opportunity for both parties.”

In the United States, Maxim is an industry leader, reporting a circulation of 2.5 million readers which they claim is enough to outsell leading competitors GQ, Esquire, and Details combined. The magazine is now using the brand name to market myriad other magazines and projects.

Due to its success in its primary markets, Maxim has expanded into many other countries, including Argentina, Canada, India, Indonesia, Israel, Belgium, Romania, the Czech Republic, France (marketed under “Maximal”), Germany, Bulgaria, Brazil, Greece, Italy, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Russia (where it stands now as the most popular men’s magazine), Serbia, the Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, Ukraine, and Portugal (marketed under “Maxmen”). A wireless version of the magazine was launched in 2005 across cellular carriers in twenty European and Asian countries.


Web-Op, Inc. to Deliver New Web Assets to Exeo Entertainment, Inc.

Web-Op, Inc. has recently joined forces with Exeo Entertainment, Inc. and will be providing design, development, and marketing services.  Web-Op Inc.’s goal is to increase web traffic and the overall online visibility of Exeo Entertainment’s patented Psyko® gaming headphones and Krankz™ music headphones.

David Bailey, Founder and CEO of Web-Op, Inc. stated,”The gaming industry is a powerful, passionate community and accounts for over a billion users worldwide. We’re excited to help Exeo Entertainment spearhead this community with their unique headphone products. When I was first introduced to the team at Exeo Entertainment, I was impressed with their vision, and paired with our team they will be able to fully realize their potential.” Continue reading

The Raziehs’ Family Visits Web-Op


Web-Op CEO David Bailey With (in order) Gina Monibi, Tavia and Mandy Aguirre of Raziehs – Catching a quick Cubs’ Spring Training game after the meeting.

The Raziehs’ family visited the Web-Op office earlier this week to discuss the Razieh brand and company.  The faces and operators of the Raziehs’ brand includes three generations:  Gina Monibi (the Grandmother), Mandy Aguirre (the Daughter), and Tavia Aguirre (the Granddaughter). Continue reading

Web-Op Now Working with Carol Alt, World Renowned Actress, Supermodel, Raw Food, Beauty and Health Expert

logoWeb-Op is now working with Carol Alt, World Renowned Actress, Supermodel, Raw Food, Beauty and Health Expert.  Web-Op has created a new brand/logo and will be unveiling a new website design that fully encompasses Carol Alt’s stature in her areas of interest.  In the near future, Carol’s newly designed website will be integrated with a fully functioning, state of the art e-commerce shopping cart. Continue reading

Facebook Audience Engagement: Web-Op Vs. Industry Standard

In the world of social media, Facebook has earned its place on the top of the proverbial mountain.  With 1.23 billion active users, Facebook presents a unique opportunity for businesses to reach new audiences, strengthen their brand and recruit new buyers.  In fact, a presence on Facebook and other social media platforms has been a necessity rather than an opportunity for many companies.

However, being active on social media isn’t enough; every business needs the right strategy.  They must target the right users, and constantly “touch” their audience with new, unique content and designs.  Not just to get the word out about their product or services, but to maintain positive consumer sentiment towards their brand. Continue reading

Citizen Dish Visits the Web-Op Office


*Web-Op’s CEO David Bailey pictured with Citizen Dish leaders Damon Shorter and Mike Baghoomian

Citizen Dish leaders Damon Shorter and Mike Baghoomian visited the Web-Op office Monday, November 24 to impart more knowledge about their successful marketing management tool program to the Web-Op staff.

Citizen Dish provides businesses the opportunity to quickly create customizable marketing content and design that can delivered via email, txt, and social media platforms to develop new leads.  Web-Op is being consulted for strategies on building a more efficient application and marketing pitch to their program.

During their meeting, the Web-Op staff learned more than just the details of Citizen Dish’s current status as a successful marketing application, they learned about the history and passion that delineates them from from any other in their industry.

Web-Op thanks Damon Shorter and Mike Baghoomian for stopping by and are looking forward to their own successful business relationship.

Connect Share Visits Web-Op


*Web-Op’s CEO David Bailey pictured with Connectshare leaders Brent Crabtree and Jon Bailey

Connectshare leaders Brent Crabtree and Jon Bailey visited the Web-Op office Monday, November 17 to impart more knowledge about their successful networking organization to the Web-Op staff.

Connectshare has gathered some of the biggest “decision makers” i.e. business leaders, CEO’s, presidents, and owners in the Salt Lake, Idaho Falls and Boise regions.  This community makes up a powerful networking circle, attracting new members every month.  Connectshare has come to Web-Op to elevate their status as a networking firm by developing more sophisticated design and functionality within their website and management systems.

During their meeting, the Web-Op staff learned more than just the details of Connectshare’s current status as leaders in the networking industry, they learned about the culture and passion that delineates them from from any other networking circle in the nation.  It is the idea that the most successful business relationships are built by a “giving” mentality.  This “give” culture has lead many of their members to very profitable relationships between powerful businesses.

Web-Op thanks Brent Crabtree and Jon Bailey for stopping by and are looking forward to their own successful business relationship.

Copywriting: Gaining Credibility with Your Audience

As you know, a copywriters goal is to persuade a reader into buying a product or idea.  The key word being persuade.  In order to effectively persuade your audience (readers), you must establish credibility.

Establishing credibility can be a tumultuous process, but can be attained with the correct applications.  First, using details is an effective strategy.  People generally adhere to the idea that “the devil is in the details”, so if you offer those concise details; people are more trusting of what you have to say.  Next, speak of your products positive associations.  This works similarly to the idea “guilty by association”, but in this case; it’s more like “credible by association”.

In addition, the use of statistics (when possible) is a great way to gain trust.  Of course, you don’t want to litter your text with numbers, but a few relatable stats is quite effective.  Next, (if applicable) highlight any forms of comparison with a competitor’s product and your own.  Finally, if you have any free trial offers or money back guarantees incorporate them, because these also establish credibility.

Once credibility is established, your methods of persuasion will be much more effective.  Hopefully then, you’ll be well on your way to converting your audience into buyers.

Recall with Copywriting: A Freudian Approach

As a copywriter, your job is to sell a product or idea to a reader.  But not only are you selling, you are converting.  You want those readers to become buyers, so in order to accomplish this; effective means of persuasion are required.

In regards to the various means of persuasion that exist, we will focus on one criterion, recall.  Since we’ve already discussed that conversion is our number one goal as copywriters, we can reasonably anticipate that most people, at the time they come across our copy, are not looking to buy what we are selling.  To make this statement more accurate, they’re not looking to buy what we are selling right now.  That need or desire for a product can realistically strike an individual at any moment.  So, the question is, will they remember your sales pitch?

To help you with recall, here are a few of what we’ll call Freudian (psychological) approaches.  First, a good old fashioned rhyme will be a winner every time.  A rhyme is easy to remember, as long as June to December.  Rhyming might seem cheesy, but it can be an effective recall tool.  Secondly, unconventional or wacky words placed in strategic places is a recall technique.  Unusual material is easy to remember, and will entertain your reader.  Here’s an example:  “Try Deer Antler Spray today.  We’re not sure if you’ll grow antlers, but we’re sure you’ll build muscle.”

Another recall technique is by way of repetition.  Repeating the same idea, but in a unique and creative way each time, hammers home the sales pitch.  Lastly, something dubbed the “serial position effect” is an effective recall tool.  This effect occurs when reading any form of list or list-type organization.  Readers are much more likely to remember the first and last thing they read, so this means when your are writing your copy; the most important things need to fill the first and last spaces.

Next time you’re writing some copy promoting a product or idea, think what would Freud do?  He might incorporate these techniques, but after he stopped by his favorite boutiques.  Sorry, couldn’t help myself!

Web-Op Announces the Release of Vitamin D3 Cream on

Web-Op announces the launch of a new product, Vitamin D3 Cream, featured on King Supplements’ website. is a product of 15 years of experience working with supplement companies.  During this time period, Web-Op has discovered countless premium supplement products, so they decided to create the site to share all these products they’ve encountered.  Now, King Supplements has become a large retailer of premium supplements, and is constantly sought out to feature new products.

The CEO and founder of King Supplements, David Bailey, was asked about King Supplement’s product review process.  He commented, “I have worked in the supplement industry for over 15 years and have traveled across the world marketing, selling, and developing some of the most successful products in the supplement industry over the last two decades. It is through these experiences, I learned quickly the value of a quality product and a quality guarantee.”  He continued to say, “At King Supplements we only carry the best, highest quality products in existence. I personally inspect every product that appears on our site and if it doesn’t meet my quality standards, it will not be featured, period. When we say that a product is “King Approved”, we sincerely mean that it is of the highest possible quality.”

Vitamin D3 Cream is a vitamin cream that is a part of King Supplements line of energy and endurance products as well as their line for whole body health.  The product’s delivery system is by pump method, and according to what’s listed on the bottle; a pump is equivalent to 10,000 international units (IU’s).  Some ingredients that the product shows includes:  Aloe Vera Gel, Vitamin E Acetate, Natural Vitamin D, Chamomile, Shea Butter, and Grape Seed Extract.

To learn more about the company’s supplement website King Supplements, please visit