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Must-Know Information: Trademark and Licensing for Nutrition Products

Dietary and nutritional supplements are, without a doubt, very popular and a great business to get into. It’s also highly competitive so attaining a trademark license would be a smart move to make. There’s a good chance that your product might have similarities to other competitors; whether it’s the color of your product, shape of container, etc. Gaining a trademark license through the United States Patent & Trademark Office is simple.

1) Eliminate names and decide on your trademark by search
Your product must identify clearly of what it is to avoid confusion with competition. Eliminate names that are similar to your ideas. Similarities may include spelling variations, spacing between letters and grammar.
2) Complete the trademark application for your dietary or nutritional supplement
Settle on the name you want. Remember that the more your intended trademark describes your intended results, the lower chances you have of your trademark being approved. Chances are that your mark will be describing other products too. Complete the application with the help of your attorney!

3) Use and enforce your trademark properly
Once you have your approved trademark, you have the responsibility of using it properly. Make sure your brand doesn’t fall into generic use to avoid infringing parties. Be on the lookout for those individuals!

Your trademark is now registered and you have a sense of national validity! If you feel an infringing party is using your property or imitating it, you have legal leverage and can bring action against them.