Proposal: Microformats for Easy Mobile Checkout

Right now, purchasing on a mobile device is, frankly, a nightmare. You’ve got your phone in one hand, trying to read the figures off a credit card in the other, and barely able to peck out the data.

Now, there tend to be a lot of over-engineered “answers” to this problem– usually in the form of elaborate new third party systems or complete shopping cart re-engineering. This frequently involves liability-intennsive situations like “we’ll store the customer’s credit card number”, or solutions that only solve the problem one vendor at a time.
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Seat Covers Design Progress

Below you can view the progress of’s design. We are excited to finish development and start sending traffic to the new look. We are optimistic about seeing a significant increase in conversion rates.

Original Home Page


Original Product Page


New Home Page


New Product Page


Run and Hide! The Upgrade’s Coming!

There’s nothing wrong with responsibly using off-the-shelf software packages. Whether it’s a WordPress blog or a commercial shopping cart, they often represent an affordable way to avoid reinventing the wheel, both from a development and a user-interface perspective.

In addition, many of our clients also find that commodity shared hosting is a fair choice. Face it: if you’re operating a fairly light-weight site that’s getting a few hundred visitors per day, tops, you don’t need that much performance. There’s also a “too big to fail” aspect to being one client of many on a huge machine with a fast connection– odds are, if something fails on their end, you’re the 67th person to report it and they’re already working on it by the time you find out.

However, combining the two can open yourself to surprising difficulties.
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Tracking TV Ads With Google Analytics

as-seen-on-tv copyTracking visits and conversions from offline campaigns, such as TV ads, can be a difficult task if you don’t set things up correctly.

The answer is to set up Google Analytics link taggging tool and web page redirects.  The first thing you need to do is decide what URL you want to send this offline traffic to. You have three options:

  1. New domain (
  2. Subdomain (
  3. subfolder (

After you decide what URL you are going to use you need to set the page up to redirect to a custom URL like In Google analytics we would see the source of the traffic was TV.


A tire company has a website named and runs a tv advertisement. On the tv advertisement they tell people to visit When people click on they are redirected to

Adwords Tricks With Amazon?

Gaming Adwords With Amazon?

cebria   Google Search

So why is this guy advertising to a strange (not the canonical product page in this case) Amazon page? Could he be getting around trademark restrictions by using an domain? When you file a trademark issue with adwords they tie the trademark authorizations back to the client id – so this seems unlikely. They have a recently granted trademark – so maybe Google just hasn’t caught this one yet.

Perhaps he/she’s is gaming the reviews of the domain to appear as for his product? Could be. Either way his url doesn’t seem to have an affiliate ID – so there’s probably not much Amazon is going to do about this – as PPC’ing is definitely against the terms of service for amazon affiliates.

Do you have a better idea? Leave it in the comments.