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Here at Web-Op we help a lot of startups with the need to effective manage and close leads. To do this it is necessary to use some type of customer relationship management system (CRM).

There are a lot of CRMs out there. One that we have become fond of lately is Base CRM .

Just this morning I helped Lisa Kau, founder of, set up her own account. We are getting ready to launch her new product and Base CRM will help her manage her leads and move people through the sale’s funnel.

To learn more about Base CRM visit

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PassportXpress Wins Opportunity Quest Pitch Event at UVU!

Congrats to Santiago Gallardo and PassportXpress for winning the Opportunity Quest pitch event at UVU which was sponsored by The Woodbury Business School and Zions Bank. This puts Santiago and PassportXpress into The Utah Entrpreneur Challenge, one of the biggest events of it’s kind in the state of Utah. PassportXpress is one of the many very exciting investments of Web-Op over the past year here. Below are photos from the event.

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Must-Know Information: Trademark and Licensing for Nutrition Products

Dietary and nutritional supplements are, without a doubt, very popular and a great business to get into. It’s also highly competitive so attaining a trademark license would be a smart move to make. There’s a good chance that your product might have similarities to other competitors; whether it’s the color of your product, shape of container, etc. Gaining a trademark license through the United States Patent & Trademark Office is simple.

1) Eliminate names and decide on your trademark by search
Your product must identify clearly of what it is to avoid confusion with competition. Eliminate names that are similar to your ideas. Similarities may include spelling variations, spacing between letters and grammar.
2) Complete the trademark application for your dietary or nutritional supplement
Settle on the name you want. Remember that the more your intended trademark describes your intended results, the lower chances you have of your trademark being approved. Chances are that your mark will be describing other products too. Complete the application with the help of your attorney!

3) Use and enforce your trademark properly
Once you have your approved trademark, you have the responsibility of using it properly. Make sure your brand doesn’t fall into generic use to avoid infringing parties. Be on the lookout for those individuals!

Your trademark is now registered and you have a sense of national validity! If you feel an infringing party is using your property or imitating it, you have legal leverage and can bring action against them.

New Website For Source 4 Industries!

Web-Op is proud to launch a brand new website for Source 4 Industries! Visit their new site at

Source 4 Industries’ new website design features a clean, responsive layout with many unique tools that improve the usability and functionality of the website frontend and backend management software. One of these unique tools was the one of a kind custom shipping module.  This module will meet the needs of regular, and less than regular, truckload shipping options, all while accounting for warehouses all over the United States. This started as a logistical nightmare, however; Web-Op was able to create a solution which configures shipping details with precision and accuracy. This was ultimately the most critical factor to guarantee the best pricing for Source 4 customers.

For a quality product at a great price, visit Source 4 industries today!


Student Passport

Web-Op has made a partnership with Santigo Gillardo to form a company that is presently being called Student Passport. It also includes an initial partnership with Utah Valley College and its entrepreneurial program. We will be working with colleges to turn their plastic student identification cards into a mobile app. Yes, there will soon be an app for that. We will keep everyone updated on this project. 

Congratulations Santiago, Utah Valley College and all of the staff that have made this a reality for him. 

A special thanks to Kurt Brown for staying on this and prodding, convincing and begging us to do this deal. You saw in the end what we didn’t. Kurt is the Web-Op representative in Utah and we are lucky to have him. He’s the big one in the middle.  

 Thank You so much. 


This product adresses a problem experienced in nearly 40% of women over the age of 40. We have partnered with the nutritional powerhouse manufacturer Sibu to produce and brand this exciting new product. Product will be ready for order within a few weeks.  


Conquering Google Adwords

What Should I Spend?

This is probably one of the top question that I get as a PPC manager on a daily basis.  Google advertising is such a black hole for most people and they have no clue what to even expect.  Everyone thinks that their company is going to blow up overnight as soon as they flip the switch to PPC advertising.  While I have seen overnight success for a few companies, unfortunately it is usually not that easy.  When starting out an adwords campaign I usually recommend that you spend at least $100 a day. If you want a strong chance of turning a positive ROI then you need to fully commit and use a budget that will provide actionable data and conversions. Too often companies provide small advertising budgets and expect to make a crazy return on their investment. When these companies don’t see the returns they dreamed about, then who gets the blame? It is not the penny pincher who wanted to achieve big returns on a shoestring budget.  Having a small budget can be like having a flame, but not putting any wood on it to let it grow.

How Do I Build a Campaign?

My general rule when it comes to building campaigns is that you usually can not have too many campaigns, however there is a balance because each campaign will have to be allocated its own budget. This is a good idea to have different campaigns for each search, display, and remarketing because each type of marketing behaves differently. Campaigns also come in handy when you have business with different locations and multiple products in order to keep things separate and to be able to adequately track everything.

How do I Build an Adgroup?

If you know anything about Google, then you know that Google rewards relevant content.  Best practice when creating adgroups is to group them in tight themes. You will want to do this so that you can also create the most relevant ads for each adgroups. This will allow you to get great quality scores which will reward you with better placement and cheaper clicks. It is also great practice to always have 3 different types of ads showing in each adgroup.

Managing Keywords

Once you have created your keywords list and with an adequate budget you will be able to run your ads and look at the data to see what keywords are working and what keywords are wasting your money. This is why you need a bigger budget so that you acquire enough data to have actionable data. With all this data you will be able to identify exactly what keywords are worth paying for to maximize ROI.

What About Bid Management?

I believe that to be able to get a decent ROI, your ads have to be placed in the first 1-3 positions. I like to target the second and third position personally. I do not like to pay a premium for the first position. In order to achieve these results I am a big fan of setting up certain bidding automations to cut down on the busy work of managing adwords.


Always Be Testing (ABT). These are words to live by as a marketer.  Adwords requires constant testing to be able to tweaks things to keep getting better and better. You could always be testing different ad copy, different display ad pictures, different hooks, and so forth. This is the fun and the frustration with marketing because it is a never ending process. You must be continuously tweaking.


I have found that Google Adwords can be really complex to be able to turn a profit. It has taken years of experience and many trial and errors. I recommend that when looking to advertise that you trust a professional that does this on a daily basis, so that they can implement all the tips and tricks of the trade.


These are just a few things I have learned over the years.  I would love to hear your comments below.